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  • I have applied a layer of sealant called Cavilon to protect your eyebrows. The Cavilon will appear clear and will seal in your color and body fluids. This is a protective bandage to keep your brows from weeping and bleeding. It also keeps outside bacteria from entering your new tattoo. This sealant is to stay in place for 4 days without any touching, washing or direct spray from the shower.  If it gets wet during bathing or washing your face, just pat dry, do not rub. Gently wash your face around the brows and remember to NOT use a washcloth over your brows. If any water gets on the brow itself gently pat dry, do not rub. Do not apply makeup of any kind over your brows while they are healing.


  • On the morning of the 5th day, apply a small amount of Aquaphor or Vaseline twice a day for the next 3 days.  Use clean hands and smooth on a small amount of cream.


  • On the morning of the 8th day you may lightly wash the area with a mild soap and a soft cloth. . You may lightly finger wash the area with water or a mild soap and water after you start applying Aquaphor so the product does not build up, be very gentle and pat dry. You may need to apply a mild lotion for several days after your brows are healed for residual dryness. You may have a slight itching sensation during healing that may last 1-4 weeks as your skin heals inside. This is normal. If you have ANY redness or sensitivity in the area wait a couple more days before washing. DO NOT pick off the sealant or scab, this will make you lose color!


  • All anti-aging washes, creams and serums will shorten the lifespan of your tattooed eyebrows and may change the color. Try to avoid eyebrow area with these products.

  • Your eyebrows will appear much lighter when the scab initially comes off, as the skin heals inside you will see the color adjust and change over the next few weeks. I cannot predict how each person heals and some people may need a detail appointment. These appointments are $75 and must be done within 90 days of initial visit…if you think you need a detail appointment then you probably do! Do not over Microblade, let your eyebrows fade over the years until you NEED a touchup. They will not always look fresh and new, the darker the color, the longer they last as a general rule. But even dark brows will fade.

Microblading Aftercare Instructions

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