​Day Spa In Johns Creek and Buckhead 


​Day Spa In Johns Creek and Buckhead 

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Keratin Lash Lift in Johns Creek and Buckhead Atlanta

Spa Degas of Johns Creek

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We Use Elleebana Lash Lift.. A European Leader In Keratin Lash Lift 

Keratin Lash Lift Johns Creek Buckhead Atlanta
Elleebana Keratin Lash Lift Johns Creek Buckhead Atlanta

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Spa Degas of Buckhead
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Atlanta, GA 30305

Keratin Lash Lift is a revolutionary European technique that is perfect those who love their natural eyelashes but wouldn't mind a little enhancement.  Keratin Lash Lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. It is a low maintenance eyelash solution for clients as results lasts up to 12 weeks. Using your own eyelashes we apply a special Keratin Lash Lift curling solution that gives your eyelashes a natural looking lift.

The Keratin Lash Lift is the perfect eyelash treatment for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift! You will look more awake and even more youthful! For darker eyelashes simply add an eyelash tint to go with the Keratin Lash Lift service to make it really pop!

Keratin Lash Lift treatment is one of the safest, easiest and cost effective ways to brighten and lift your eyes. Keratin Lash Lift is a beautiful alternative to eyelash extensions that give you immediate and visible stunning results.  Keratin Lash Lift treatment conditions and curls your natural eyelashes. Keratin Lash Lift treatment improves the condition of your natural eyelashes because it uses a Keratin solution that nourishes and strengthens your natural eyelashes. Over time you may notices that your natural eyelashes become thicker, curlier, increase in volume, and become healthy.

$100 Keratin Lash Lift   or  

$125 Keratin Lash Lift w/ Eyelash Tint

$145 Keratin Lash Lift w/ a 3 month supply of generic Latisse (a.k.a Careprost)

$170 Keratin Lash Lift w/ Tint and a 3 month supply of generic Latisse (a.k.a Careprost)

Keratin Lash Lift with Tint. Client is not wearing Eyelash Extensions or any other Eyelash Enhancement.