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Spa Degas main location for Permanent Makeup in Johns Creek is convenient to Cumming, Duluth, Alpharetta and Norcross.  

Permanent Makeup in Atlanta
Permanent Makeup in Atlanta
Permanent Makeup in Atlanta
Permanent Makeup in Atlanta
Permanent Makeup in Atlanta
Permanent Makeup in Atlanta

Spa Degas, Permanent Makeup in Johns Creek
5725 State Bridge Rd Suite 104
Johns Creek, GA 30022


Permanent Makeup in Atlanta

Shere Simone Permanent Makeup Credentials and Certifications:

Permanent Makeup in Johns Creek 

Frequently Asked Questions:​

Q: Will I need a driver if I'm doing the Eyeliner Procedure.

A: No. You will be able to see, however, no contact lenses for 24 hours.

Q: If I have a history of cold sores can I do the lip procedure.

A: Yes, however, you will need to start taking an antiviral medication such as Valtrex 7 days before and 7 days after the procedure.

Q: What is the downtime?

A: Although there may be swelling and bruising, it will not require you to miss time from work, however, you may want to schedule your service around special events.

If you have specific questions about your procedure please feel free to email them spadegas@yahoo.com or call 678-473-7766. 

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Spa Degas has offered Permanent Makeup in Johns Creek and Atlanta Buckhead area since 2006. Our main location is in Johns Creek and convenient to Atlanta, Alpharetta, Norcross, Suwanee, and Cumming area. Permanent Makeup also known as Permanent Cosmetics, is the revolutionary method of depositing hypo-allergic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Local anesthesia is applied for maximum comfort and little to no pain. 

  • Permanent Makeup Eyeliner-$350 upper or lower/ $600 both. Your eyes will always look perfected line.  
  • Permanent Makeup Eyebrows-$500-With permanent makeup eyebrows we will be able to create the perfect eyebrow arch that you've always wanted
  • Permanent Makeup Lip liner-$350-Fuller looking lips and no more bleeding lip liner.  
  • Permanent Makeup Lip color-$600-Your lips will always looks supple with the perfect color. 
  • Permanent Makeup Beauty Marks-$75- Get that Marilyn Monroe beauty mark you always wanted! 
  • Permanent Makeup Areola-$600-Have a natural looking Areola after having breast surgery.
  • Permanent Makeup Touch Ups are considered as work that was previously done at Spa Degas. If permanent makeup procedures were performed somewhere else then prices will be quoted at the procedure appointment or during consultation. Prices may vary for special situations such.  Permanent Makeup Touchups after 2 years are $250 and after 4 years the procedure is no longer a touchup and is full price. 
  • Corrective Services -$250 and up- Correcting Permanent Makeup is possible in most cases however, because of varying degrees of difficulty, prices will be quoted after a consultation.  
  • Permanent Makeup Removal- $250 and up-Removing bad Permanent Makeup is possible without the use of a laser. Spa Degas uses A+ Ocean.  A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available in the world and then refines the salt through a filtering process that makes it as pure as can possible. Awesome results can be achieved in. Price depends on the size or the area 
  • Permanent Makeup procedures require a $50 non refundable deposit and must be paid at the time of booking. Consultation require a non refundable $25 deposit and must be paid at the time of booking. 
  • Microblading Eyebrows/ Hairstrokes/Feathering~$500~ Microblading is the new 3D method of doing Permanent Makeup for the Eyebrows.  Also known as Hairstrokes and Feathering, this techniques gives the appearance of natural hair. 

About Our Permanent Makeup Technician: Shere has received Permanent Makeup training in Atlanta by a master as well as advanced Permanent Makeup Training in Dallas, Texas at the Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics and Permanent Makeup. She holds several certifications in Esthetics and various beauty techniques including ones from The International Dermal Institute. She has also been in the beauty industry for several years. She has completed many Permanent Makeup procedures in lips, eyebrows, eye enhancement procedures, and eyeliner. She is also certified in Bloodborne Pathogens in order to assure that Permanent Makeup is performed in the most sanitary conditions.

About the pigments: Premier Pigments has been formulating and producing permanent cosmetic pigments for the intradermal cosmetic industry since 1988. Years of research coupled with practical application of colorants, modern technology and our application laboratory testing have resulted in an outstanding line of highly viscous concentrated colorants that are now truer and more consistent than ever before. Premier Concentrated Original Formula Colors are now more predictable and true to color than ever before. We are focused on longevity of color. Colors heal true and stay true! Premier Pigments enjoys a preeminent reputation in the development and quality of the world’s finest permanent makeup pigments. Premier Pigments is the leader in permanent cosmetic pigment sales and pigment ingredients research. Premier Original Colors have been used throughout the world since 1988 and are formulated with pigments that have a long history of safety and longevity of permanent color.